09:07 a.m. 14/02/05 clocking in, though I don’t ‘clock’ or ‘punch’. (And I won’t want to.)
09:08 a.m. 14/02/05 I’ve been searching through some boxes of mercedes p. (the graphic designer that used to be here and made Carlos’ life hard at work), looking for the cables that go between the cd camera and the computer. Found some other cables: one belonging to an old Kodak dc camera (plug to rca… that’s crude) and a din-to-mouse serial. Might as well keep them. I also found some magazines; some magazine cd’s (like the ones you get when you buy rock de lux or computer music… got my share of them) and a stack of zip cartridges. One contained funny adult pics, another had gross flash games.
09:13 a.m. 14/02/05 Internet’s down… I wanted to know what the horoscopes said.
09:14 a.m. 14/02/05 So, I was searching through such boxes, found some personal stuff, such as a (ratty) sweater, stuffed animals, note books, pictures… that’s why I try not to leave anything personal at work… I know that if I leave, I may never come back. My last city relocation is quite an example.
10:50 a.m. 14/02/05 Mocachino sin azúcar, y no por gusto sino que salió así de la máquina.
10:53 a.m. 14/02/05 Ya van a ser 2 semanas sin poder usar el bill gates messenger desde la oficina. ¿Me estarán bloqueando?



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