Current Cosmic Conditions

Current Cosmic Conditions
Current Cosmic Conditions
The predominant transit for today

07, /d11
(Pluto sextile Mercury )
This is a great communications opportunity. You can become more influential now. You’re very curious. It’s time for psychology, analysis and detective work. You can uncover information that will change your life for the better. You can now develop deeper thinking, shrewder insight and a more powerful consciousness. Combine self-discipline and study now. Hone your skills.

Your powers of persuasion are reaching a new peak. Talk about intimate subjects like sex and money. You have the opportunity to get more of what you want. People will take an extraordinary interest in what you have to say. Work to get yourself and your ideas syndicated. Find someone to produce you. You can have great success with words.

You can get your hands on privileged information and improve your education. You can become conscious of motivations and enjoy ruthless curiosity. Do your research. Uncover life changing data. Talk about convictions, obsessions and hang-ups. A radical shift in your opinions is possible now. You can get a new understanding of the “rules of the game.”

Work through your share of anxieties. Discuss forbidden topics. Develop penetrating insight. Decode secret messages. Motives and messages could be mixed. Now is the time to clarify what part of your life is personal and what part is public. Your curiosity is peaking. Don’t get involved in other people’s business, unless they are willing to help their self. Enjoy more dark humor.

BOTTOM LINE: Ask questions. Get your papers in order. Probe. Experiment. Discover.




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