Descend into the Blue Maelstrom

Descend into the Blue Maelstrom: “‘They’re all slipping away [—–]. All of my friends are slipping through my fingers. I’m not sure if I’m the one who is moving away or they are; perhaps both. But I seem to be losing touch. I can’t relate anymore. All I have left is my work. And while I wish it to be good, it is not. I… I can see it all, but cannot touch it. There is something in the way, between me and the world. Strained friendships, mediocre work, what has ruined me [—–]? what has gone wrong? Isn’t it sad that no one knows me better than you? You whom I’ve barely had any contact with in the past 4 years. We’ve gone our separate ways, and yet I can find no one close to me to turn to; no one who can help me. Melancholy does not suit me, but I can’t shake it tonight. Tonight it weighs too heavy.'”



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