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What is your fuel? Evasion? Instinct? Adrenaline?

Cómo será el plural de “Diem Perdidi”?

Ojalá canadá sea como los programas de CHUM Television.

When Plankton opens his “Evil Plan Z” folder, he gawks and pants as if ogling a centerfold model. Patrick drools all over the midriff-baring Mindy, exclaiming, “She’s hot.” Caught with his pants down, he asks her, "Did you see my underwear?" She says she didn’t, to which he responds, "Do you want to?"
SpongeBob and Patrick frequently run around in their skivvies. And it’s obvious the movie’s directors intended to draw as many kiddie laughs as possible from bare bottoms. SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs and an octopus named Squidward all moon audiences at some point. The running gag (that kids seem to get) is, what’s there to see?
It’s at this point that things go from wiggle-giggle to worse. One of the times Patrick’s bareness is beheld, he has a pole wedged between his, ahem, cheeks … a pole with a flag labeled “SpongeBob.” (Patrick asks SpongeBob, “Did you see my butt?) Plankton gives a (male) TV reporter an adoring "look" when he asks for an interview, then coquettishly replies, “Anything for you.” SpongeBob creeps into Squidward’s shower and begins scrubbing his back for him. And Patrick prances about wearing women’s high-heeled boots and stockings.
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie doesn’t just allude to the building mystery surrounding its characters’ sexuality (see the "Conclusion" for more on this), it repeatedly plays with it. It revels in adult-minded asides that fly right over kids’ heads and straight into the disbelieving stares of parents.
“Is it just me, or do SpongeBob and Patrick act even more immature and effeminate than ever before?” asks Christianity Today movie critic Russ Breimeier. “I had to shake my head in disbelief at the site of Patrick in thigh-high leather boots and fishnet stockings—I squid you not. Do not take your kids to this if you felt that Shrek 2 was inappropriate.” Lawrence Toppman, in the Charlotte Observer, noted the peculiarities by quipping, “It took some guts to make Bob and Pat so apparently gay.”
Las fotos incriminatorias?

aparentemente se sienten igual en el estomago…


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