… y Hades…

You are Thor, the Norse god of thunder. He
is a son of Odin and Jord, and one of the most
powerful gods. He is married to Sif, a
fertility goddess famous for her long, golden
Thor was usually portrayed as a large, powerful man
with a red beard and eyes of lighting.
The Norse believed that during a thunderstorm, Thor
rode through the heavens on his chariot pulled
by the goats Tanngrisni (“gap-tooth”)
and Tanngnost (“tooth grinder”).
Lightning flashed whenever he threw his hammer
Mjollnir. Thor wears the belt Megingjard which
doubles his already considerable strength. His
hall is Bilskirnir, the largest in the world,
and has 140 floors.
Thor’s hammer was once stolen by Thrymur, who
demanded Freyja as a wife for its return.
Freyja refused, so Thor if forced to dress up
as a woman and goes to marry him. When the
hammer is brought to the room, he snatches it
and kills Thrymur and all his people.

Which Norse god are you?
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