y yo que pense que era sagitario….

You are an Aquarius. You are rebelious,
truth-telling, brillient, intuitive,
analytical,determined, fun, original,
idealistic, creative, curious, friendly,
unprejudiced, and independent. You see life
very simply and usually you are someone who
fights for the rights of others. Of all the
animals you are most like a crane. Crans have
an ancient history, that comes from the
knoledge of the past. They soar serene and
independent and they can be a little bit
secretive about where they put there things, he

-your lucky colors are cold electric neon blue and
yellow-orange, the colors of electricity!!

-your metal is uranium

– your precious stone is amethyst

-your day of the week is wednesday

-your element is air

-the parts of the body that you rule are the
circulation, shins, and ankles

-the planet that you are ruled by is uranus(me:dont

-your true love comes from gamini, libra,
sagittarius, aquzrius and every now and then

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2 comentarios en “y yo que pense que era sagitario….

  1. Yo también quería sorprenderme, pero:

    You are a Virgo!!You are real, honest, helpfull and analytical. You can pick out every detail and when something isn’t right you wont stop till you have fixed it! Unlike any of the other signs you sleep less, because your always busy thinking about how to improve something!! You are modest and humble about all that you do and you give your all to anything that you do!!!! Of all the animals in the world you are most like a bee, a bee you say, yes a bee. Like a bee you are a hard worker and like a bee you do things that other people think are ipossible. Also just like a bee, you are worth your weight in gold, because you do things that are usefull and actually help the world! Without bees we probably wouldnt be alive, and for that we thank you bees (i am talking to you of course!!).

    -Your colors are navy blue and grey

    -your metal is mercury

    -your precious stone is a sapphire, and like a sapphire you are never “cut from the cloth” you are different just like every sapphire is a different color and heu!

    -your lucky day of the weeki is wednesday

    -the part of the body that you rule is your intestions and nervous system

    -your element is earth

    -the planet that you are ruled by is mercury

    -your true love comes from a scorpio, capricorn, taurus, your own virgo, and sometimes aquarius


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